Why You Should Get Listed in Online Web Directories

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A Look in the Past of Web Directories

Online directories, whether global or local-based business listing service, have been one of the important part of internet marketing methods such search engine optimization. However, due to the abuse of website owners to get as many backlinks from web directories as they could, search engines like Google has limited the weight of such links. This did not discourage website optimizers though and still implementing spammy directory submission techniques to get backlinks.

The Downfall and the Ascent of Directory Sites

The start of directory submission’s downfall as one of the important strategies to rank better in search engine results page was when directory spamming became a fad due to fast results for ranking in search result page. This is, at least, only true among the spammy directory sites that mostly offer free and automated listing service. It’s when the rise of local businesses to venture online by making their presence visible in the web that directory listing sites has regained its reputation as one of the effective website optimization and marketing techniques. Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo responded with implicitly recommending businesses to get listed in various credible listing sites. Customers who search for products and services online need information such as important details like contact number, email, location address and other details. Google has been proven to give the most relevant information whatever we ask of it. So, just like any other companies, it doesn’t want to fail on this aspect. To make their search even more efficient to the users, instantly providing information about the company or brand being searched for is one of their goals. Technology is all about convenience which is what Google is about–giving convenient searching experiences to its users.

Why Google Wants You to Get Listed

To make information more accessible, Google needs web directories for business details it can show in search results right away. I’m not talking about search result listing in big blue link with page description below it. I’m referring to instant result that you see either just below the search bar or at the top-right of search result page where a business name, map, images and other information like social media links are shown. To understand my point better, see images below:

Below the search bar Google instant result (or above search result listing):

search result below search bar

Top-right Google instant result:

top-right search result

This saves time for the searcher from clicking the web page which some times takes too long to load due to site’s server or internet speed issues.

Although Google has its own local listing service (Google My Business) where it primarily gets the business details for indexing, it also relies to other business listing sites for the validity and consistency of information. Normally, there’s no problem with being listed in Google My Business alone. However, you can’t be as popular as other brands that serve the same products or services which have backlinks from other credible business listing sites. Google measures popularity through backlinks. If your business site is not listed from other directories, you miss your backlinks from them and lose the opportunity of being visible enough in Google search result. Lots of businesses are still submitting their business information to get listed in various web directories for the said reason.

Claiming Your Business Listing

To get listed is not enough. There are instances where your business is already listed to global or local business listing sites but with outdated or wrong details about your business. This usually happens when someone submitted your business details without checking for updated version. Google verifies the consistency of your information being disseminated throughout the web. If Google sees that the details being submitted is different from the rest of the listing sites, search results list would also have inconsistent details about your business. It would prefer another business brand instead of you, specially if the search phrase being used by the searcher is generic and not your exact brand. You may still be visible in the search result page but not as attractive to potential customers because you’re at the bottom of the list.

Websitelister.org, a glocal business listing site being designed for you, offers this exact service. We help Google understand your business information better by getting listed to our site or claim your business listing to update or edit information for consistency. Aside from being a human-edited directory listing service, we also carefully review and verify the submitted information. We’re not like other human-edited directories that manually approve listing and do just that–mindlessly clicking the “Approve” button.

Sign up to our service for free or paid by clicking the “Register Me” button below to start building your information-consistent web presence.

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