Advertising Opportunities for Your Business

Thank you for visiting WEBSITELISTER.ORG! Aside from free and paid glocal business listing, we also offer advertising services for maximum exposure that would eventually results to increasing your website traffic and conversions. Whether homepage, specific pages, or category-based listing and event pages, you can choose where you preferably want to place your ad on the site.

Place your business ad in front of the world for a very cheap price than any other ad publisher in the web. You can choose between banners or square images, whichever gives the best impressions and click-throughs for your website.

Our Advertising Program

  • Our prices are fixed and paid monthly regardless of the number of viewing and click-throughs. This means that as long as you are paying, you can have unlimited impressions and clicks for your site traffic.
  • So far in the web, WEBSITELISTER.ORG offers the cheapest advertising price. Great service doesn’t have to be expensive, and that is exactly what we uphold and implement.
  • We have only limited spaces for your ads so hurry and grab your preferred spot before someone else does.
  • We ensure maximum exposure for your business so as long as there are free ad places, we use that space to promote your business further for free!

Pricing for Advertising Services

How to Advertise with WEBSITELISTER.ORG

Advertising with us is pretty simple, as basic as 1-2-3. Read below:

  1. Purchase your preferred advertising plan above. You can use PayPal or debit/credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account. Note: You will be redirected to PayPal site so there’s no way that WEBSITELISTER.ORG would know anything about your payment details.
  2. After completing the purchase, you will be redirected to a page that confirms your successful payment transaction. Just follow the instructions and fill out required details in the form.
  3. An ad preview and test will be conducted to check the responsiveness and overall performance of the ads before finally putting it live for the world to see.

Note: Embedding videos on our site is only applicable to Professional Advertising Plan (250×250 square ad space) and Premium Advertising Plan (230×230 square ad space). The allowed media formats for any plan are: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, SWF, MP4 and MOV.


We cater advertising services to all business types of virtually any industry from all over the world EXCEPT the following:

  • Casino or online gambling
  • Pornography, and
  • Pills (for genital enhancement and its variants)
  • Anything that promotes sex, violence, hatred, and discrimination

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