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WEBSITELISTER.ORG is a human-edited “GLOCAL” or global and local business directory that offers a very affordable paid listing. It also offers event listing service as means to support dissemination of important and attention-worthy events anywhere in the world. This can help encourage more participants to join. Get your business listed here and now! No frills, no fuss.

Note: To name this business directory as “glocal” with a “C” is intentional to mean as the amalgam of the words “global” and “local”.

What is an Online Business Directory?

An online business directory is a website that lists your business to relevant category/categories by industry or by location, allowing for potential clients to find you via a web search. Since most people in the 21st century own and use a computer and mobile devices like smartphones with Internet access, utilizing a directory online can enhance your company’s visibility and potentially bring in more business. The list is often classified according to categories: location and type of business or industry the business belongs. The online business directory requires information from business owners such as address, phone number, website URL, owner, type of service, and other pertinent information like business social media profiles. These details are important for the customers to get in touch in whatever easiest method is available or doable for them.

Unlike most print version of directories, online business directories offers easy access to business information in just few clicks of your computer at the comfort of your home or wherever internet is accessible as long as you have your smartphone with you.   Joining a business directory can really help increase revenue by allowing your customers find you online when your business is searched. Sites like WEBSITELISTER.ORG are known to help a lot in increasing your online visibility. That is why directory submission or local citation building for businesses is also considered as one of the integral factors when implementing search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. But leave that to SEO people. As a business owner, nothing is more important than increasing its brand exposure to gain more customers and eventually revenues. This is exactly the purpose of WEBSITELISTER.ORG. We are here to help you achieve that goal.

WEBSITELISTER.ORG is a Glocal Business Directory

Glocal is a jargon for a combined words namely ‘global’ and ‘local’. WEBSITELISTER.ORG is an amalgam of both global and local business directories, hence it is called a glocal business directory. How convenient is that, isn’ it? For the sake of distinguishing global and local businesses. Let me elaborate below.

A global business is a company that conducts business throughout the world. For example, when a business has distributors, branch offices, and factories in the United States, Asia, Africa, and Europe, it is a global business. A global business directory contains a list of companies that operate internationally and caters customers worldwide.

A local business is a company that provides services and goods to a local community. Usually, a locally-owned business is what comes to mind when you hear “local business.” However, the said phrase can also be used to describe a franchise. Generally, local businesses are those that targets customers within the immediate area of its operating location. This is very common among small businesses. A local business directory contains the list of companies within a definitive area.

Using WEBSITELISTER.ORG for Your Business Advertising

Save Money

The number one reason to use an online directory is that it can help you save money off of advertising. Advertising has proven to be a very useful marketing tool; however, it can be costly. Depending on your location, even a simple newspaper ad can cost upwards of $100. The good news for companies looking to save money is that online business directories offers free or small amount to get your company listed for quite a longer period of time than print and other advertising media.

Save Time

Using an online directory allows your business to be advertised to a large audience and be found in a matter of minutes. If you are a global company, this is great news for you because it allows you to upload numerous listings at once without the hassle of trying to do it one-by-one.

More Exposure

With the Internet being accessible to almost anywhere, people that are at home, work, or in another country can potentially reach your business without much effort needed. WEBSITELISTER.ORG provides ease and comfort for your clients to reach you—just the same convenience it offers to business owners in terms of advertising the business to gain more visibility. Anyone looking for the services or goods that your business offers can now be discovered locally, nationally, or internationally with an online business directory.

When people find contact information about your business online, it usually only takes one more step to email, call, or get directions to it. Whereas, using directories like printed telephone book requires the initial paging through, marking that spot, then finding the appropriate device to email, call, or get directions. It is much faster and easier to use a search engine to find a business than paging through a phone book.

Should You Consider Paid Listing?

Paying for an online business directory versus using a free directory comes down to a few factors. First, you should see where your competitors are listed. If they have listed themselves in an online directory that costs money, you may want to as well. However, if you are on a tight budget, a free listing may be more appropriate. Free and paid listing both can enjoy the same listing services and features except for the period of its exposure and the location of its listing on the website for visibility factor to general online directory users.

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